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Welcome to Skywinglet. A design company specially set up to offer civil aviation viable alternatives to help streamline operations. For security reasons, skywinglet requires you to login. This site is dedicated to the airline industry and all affiliations, with no exceptions to this rule.

Therefore if you are interested in finding out more, we need to verify you first. To do this please fill in your details using the form below. Once you submit, if you are successful we will notify you. Please note: * We reserve the right to reject any application made without reason.

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In order to proceed further, we request a company must be able to meet our strict criteria. Listed below is a set of requirements where we ask the company be an airline operator, a food plus beverage and equipment operator or still water, beverage (juice) manufacturer and supplier to the industry.

The criteria to gain access to skywinglet.com are as follows:

  • You MUST work for a company with recognised connections to civil aviation.
  • We do NOT accept personal email addresses, like gmail and hotmail.
  • Company email addresses must use the same domain extension as the company website.
  • You MUST use the same first and surname, listed in a recognised form of identity i.e., Passport.

This website deploys a hierarchy system, more information is made available based on account status with skywinglets.com (terms and conditions apply).

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